Protect Yourself from High-Risk
Appliance and Electronics Fires.

The First Early-Warning


Nearly 50,000 house fires a year are started
by high-risk appliances and electronics.

The problem with traditional smoke detectors:

TreesafeWhen placed in or near a Christmas tree, a traditional smoke detector will melt before it goes off.

TreesafePlaced away from the source, the alarm won’t go off until the room is filled with smoke.

PlugSafe™ is the solution.

Plug heat sensor into any outlet.

If a fire breaks out, it sends an instant alert to the battery-powered remote alarm.

How it works.

Hang it in
your tree.

Place TreeSafe™ directly in the tree, towards the top and middle. Looks like an ornament. Works like a fire alarm.

Detect fire where it starts.

Patented proximity sensor technology detects heat at the source of a fire, while eliminating an increase in false alarms.

Know it’s safe.

Communicates wirelessly with remote alarm to immediately notify you of a fire—before it spreads.